🔘How to Download Torrent files safely and wisely 2019 (updated)

🔘How to Download Torrent files safely and wisely 2019 (updated)

We go over on how to download torrents safely and wisely for any beginner who is starting to use Torrent sites like The PirateBay. So if you want to install and download torrents safely without any worries you came to the correct place. This is just for educational purposes and not for illegal conduct over the internet. You are fully responsible for what you use this information for. We also recommend that you support Software developers who work hard at their products

We go over on how to
-Download a torrent client
-Installing torrent client
-Downloading VPN
-Installing VPN
-Using Torrent websites
-Looking for safe torrents
-Preventing Virus Downloads
-Downloading and deleting torrents
-Extra tips before downloading torrents

⏩ 0. Disclaimer 0:04
⏩ 1. Download Torrent Client 0:19
⏩ 2. Download VPN Client 1:04
⏩ 3. How To Use VPN 1:43
⏩ 4. How To Use a Torrent Website (TPB) 2:21
⏩ 5. Download File from Website 3:19
⏩ 6. How To Use Torrent Client 4:45
⏩ 7. Seeding 5:29

Links used:
Qbittorrent –
Proton VPN –
ThePiratebay –

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VPN Affiliate Links:
AirVpn –
ExpressVPN –
Hide.me –
Ip Vanish –
Ivacy Vpn –
Pure VPN –
TorGuard –
Windscribe –

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  1. Protonvpn says that I can't download because of p2p problem?

    To fix this
    1. Try switching from country to another one.
    2. Switch to Canada and try it out.
    3. If Canada does not work try at least 3 different countries.

    If this does not help leave me a message.

  2. I'm afraid to download a torrent cause they removed all comments from TPB for some stupid reason. Should the torrent be 100% safe if the uploader is a V.I.P?

  3. VPN take years to download things bro

  4. Mine says dll 120 missing or something like that,I’ve tried to fix but it just wont

  5. One question.Can we switch off the VPN after download starts?

  6. yo dude the downloading is not getting high than 0.0% and i copied everything u did , what do i do ?

  7. How do I know the seeding process is completed?

  8. VPN just killed my CPU i can't do anything I had to end task it so my pc would return to normal

  9. You still thinking this the way in 2020?

  10. I am using Nordvpn, but when I try to download a torrent, it downloads at a very slow pace from one seed, and eventually stalls altogether. I don't think it is a problem with the torrent but with my Windows Security. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also, I don't think it has anything to do with my internet.

  11. Post show–> You totally left out using public access wifi, creating fake email, using a brand new drop device and paying a black hat to erase the digital trail on the VPNs sever…

  12. FAIR USE WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! <–begining of video.

  13. Vpn has is just a trial😒 what do i just keep making new ones

  14. do i still need the vpn after i’m done downloading all of it

  15. my download wont start, any help?

  16. You scum bags should all be arrested.

  17. Can we use cracked games. Org

  18. Location is key

  19. Hey, I don’t know how often you check comments anymore but on TPB there no comments on any torrent page, did they remove comments or something?

  20. I want to ilegally download Universe Sandbox 2 but I don't want to pay for VPN

  21. Thanks

  22. Followed instruction to the letter, everytime i press get torrent, i get a webtorrent magnet link opening in another window, instead of the option to download with qbittorrent. Bloody frustrating.

  23. Hey Delanoose, why is my file stuck as a RAR file that cant be opened

  24. can i use my mcaffe vpn ? instead

  25. the pirate bay literally says that if u enter u agree with them using your cpu for mining .-. Lmao

  26. Is this vpn free?

  27. What about key generators? Thanks for the video btw.

  28. What do you mean by seed for awhile?

  29. Could you possibly make a video on how to seed because I'd like to help but have no idea how to.

  30. 1. Brave Browser
    2. DuckDuckGo
    3. Rest Of The Video

  31. quality content

  32. will i still get risks when i use a virtual machine

  33. ummm… doesn't protonvpn not allow torrenting?

  34. you man! pls be my brother. my siblings are useless.

  35. hey i’m looking at a file that’s got loads of seeders but no comments?

  36. what happens if u seed without a vpn?

  37. is there a free vpn

  38. Will it be safe if I am in the u.s and I use that server? Also when using a vpn will my isp see the torrents? I’ve seen people say they’ve received strikes

  39. Good tutorial. Easy to understand and gets straight to the point.

  40. *Buyers*: You pirates are a bad excuse of humans.
    *Pirates*: Ay at the end of the day where not going to be stranded on the streets for speeding thousands on games.

  41. I'm sure everyone used this for educational purposes only

  42. i got an alert saying that there is a trojan so im not doing that rip

  43. forgive me allah

  44. Thank you

  45. ProtonVPN is built for Torrenting, right?

  46. Is norton a good VPN?

  47. man will it work on a 32bit pentium processor pc???

  48. How do I play the games? My game is sitting in seeding but I don't know where to open the game. I also double clicked the completed download and nothing happened.

  49. I'm using Nord, is all I need to do is turn my VPN on to torrent? (im new)

  50. yo can you move it to a usb please let me know

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