Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded Any% 1:01:16


Difficulty: Easy
Twitch TV: HitSponge
Recorded with OBS 64bit
Splits made with LiveSplit
A few runs in and got a decent time. I’m sure this can be less than an hour but for now this is a good base line.
Vampire appears to be the best skill to take. I’ve tried the others and they don’t compare.
The driving sections were annoying because of my screen resolution and vertical sync was off and made the vehicles very hard to control. That has since been fixed and will make future runs more friendly.
The splits became a bit off for a couple of missions after some runs but that’ll will be cleared and redone.


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  1. You can cycle the same weapon by pressing the same weapon slot button again. This is why I don’t sell any shotgun I found at the beginning

  2. Not bad, not bad dude, this russian game make by russian company "Sigma Team".

  3. Why is this game the only Top-down ARPG with guns and wasd movement? I mean this is such an obvious idea.

  4. I don't know if anyone has tried this but if you shoot the glowing computer on mission #1, you can save as good as 15+ seconds of the entire game run


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