Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – Pirate Combat Gameplay Trailer


Take to the Seas with Captain Edward Kenway as he loots, plunders, and defeats his enemies.

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  1. Ubisoft should have make a seperate pirate game instead of making a piraty ac game. They could use the exact same sea mechanics but maybe add a big multiplayer where you can have your own ship and crew and fight other players

  2. No not more pirate stuff, this didn't thrill me at all in AC3 it just pissed me off because i much rather just stay on land jumping off rooftops killing ppl instead shooting ships in the Caribbean, it was fun to watch in Pirates of the Caribbean but…..Just NO! where is the connection…this isn't AC anymore. Let's just be modern day assassins already & finish this story.

  3. I love how they're touting "Just how massive this world is, with over 50 locations." Heard of Skyrim?

  4. It's never been about stealth xD. Okay maybe it was back in AC1 but even THAT was downplayed hugely when you went for your targets.

    You can totally play the game stealthily, hence you're still given the hidden blade. But they simply made it more…viable? To play an actiony way.

  5. Games called assassins creed, not combat creed, the game is suppose to be sneaky and stealthy in the first place, but Ubisfot droped that main theme long ago….. to bad.

  6. I would gladly sacrifice all this open-world piraty adventure for a hardcore assassin experience, where death is unforgiving, combat is visceral and tough, enemies are smart and deadly, and combat approach is the very last resort.

  7. Everything about this game seems a lot better than ac3, which to me, seemed like AC 1 and 2 in terms of gameplay.

  8. love assassin's creed one of the reasons I loved it was because if you wanted to get somewhere you had to go there and meet enemy's along the way, or you could fast travel and skip all that fun you were going have…….TAKE IT OUT!

  9. Spoiler Alert:

    I went to his link and it's very safe. I got some 30 virus and 2 trojans and my pc now boots randomly after visiting that site but aside from that, it's pretty safe…

  10. Already played Witcher 2 too many times. Skyrim is a sandbox too. And previous AC were sandbox as well, the point they are tying to make is that it will be bigger than previous games. Not to mention the fact that AC and Skyrim are completely different games/genres.

  11. then go play witcher 2 ? 😀 but the AC 4 was called a sandbox… (that's why i wrote the comment) if AC4 is a sandbox then i wan't to know what skyrim is 😀

  12. The point is I am sick of hearing about SKyrim. The only reason it gets so much attention is because it was above mediocre and a little better than its predecessor. Witcher 2 was a lot better.

  13. Free Roam???? That would be AWESOME… I can see it…. Walking around Islands with friends… Becoming a crew on your or someone elses ship…. I want that now…


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