Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – Review


If there was ever a question that Assassin’s Creed needed something ambitious to get the series back on track, Black Flag is that game and then some.

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  1. I know how to fix glitches hold the x button for 1hour just kidding😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 new emojies take that viewers

  2. No…. must… not…. buy this game….. must…. buy unusual…. for tf2…. must not….. whatever, i guess i'm buying this on steam again

  3. Still the best Assassins creed to date, this is when Assassins creed was –
    well Assassins creed, before the shit sorry excuse for a series its unfortunately become!!!

  4. The more i play the game to more i started hating it.
    The story BAD
    The open world big and filled with BAD filler.
    The last 10% was the only good story
    Most things you get do nothing for you.

    the thing that saved this game was the ship combat.

  5. Awesome Game ! Loved It !
    Great Review Too.
    They didn't use the game's awesome soundtracks anywhere in their review… Was there some issue regarding that?

  6. What if Ubisoft made a remake (a bit) that took place in West Indies again but set in 1400s. You are a pirate, Spanish navy, or a crew member with Columbus. It would be cool if you could eliminate him for the crimes ( there was no law but he’s a horrible person). So basically Black Flag plus Skyrims faction choice in the civil war, Stormcloaks or Imperials. I’d love a game like that, but there’s things companies won’t do. There could be some ppl who are mad.

  7. How could anyone not like AC3?
    That was one of my top 10 games on console of all time and i have a list, i have played 683 games across 14 consoles.

  8. Lies.. All the reviews about the assassin creed series are lies. The story and character of edward the pirate is GREAT. Gameplay otherwise is garbage. The game play movement are confusing, and the character reaction in combat is horrible. The follow / catch sequence are the worst, as edward would hide in hay, or hang off an cliff while on the catch. Camera are all over the place, and it get even worst when you are fighting muitple enemies. Be a pirate is funny, but the gameplay is lacking, and bug are every where. Sorry Unisoft maybe you should stop mass producing this garbage.

  9. From England by way of Wales!? They're separate countries! Britain contains Scotland, N. Ireland,Wales and England.

  10. I actually bought the original. And loving every second of it. And still watching this review to remind me how awesome this game is. And I still can't believe this game existed because it's so good.

  11. One of the best assassin's creed games I loved the pirate theme the world the gameplay it's alot of fun and a must buy

  12. Best AC in the series I don't know I wouldn't go that far I did just buy the game for $11.99 midsummer sale PSN store but I personally would have to say AC syndicate is the best one in the series. Come on now AC syndicate has 1. two playable characters 2. Jack the ripper – AC black flag has 1. one playable character 2. navel combat

  13. IMO, Assassin's Creed went downhill after this, Unity just took steps backward and didn't offer anything too progressive to make up for it, Rogue wasn't as bad but was overshadowed by Unity's promotions and was taken down by Unity, and Syndicate did offer new and fun things to do, but was dragged down by Unity.

    Personally, I think AC4 did so good because it tried to step away from the assassin aspect and go more into the era it was in, but the abstergo interludes really bored me, and I think that Ubisoft should just leave the present day aspect out of the games and just focus on the era. I'm hoping Origins isn't bad

  14. I want a sequel or more games like this, Ubisoft stop screwing up with that boat game and Ac orgins, make whats good better… give us more of this please!! D:

  15. Black flag was not a great "Assassin" game but the best pirate game I have ever played! It's my favorite game in the series.

  16. The only thing I hated about Blackflag was the mandatory modern day sections. It didn't let me immerse in the story as much as I wanted.


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