Audi Matrix LED and Laser LED Lights – DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTARY. Audi continues to drive progress in automotive lighting technology in substantial ways. The latest developments, aside from the familiar #Audi #Matrix #LED technology, are OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology and the new Matrix Laser technology.

The Matrix LED headlights underscore Audi’s ground-breaking expertise in automotive lighting technology. They illuminate the street extremely well in any situation without causing light glare for other road users.

When the light switch is set to “Automatic” and the high beams are on, the system becomes active outside of densely populated areas – as determined from navigation data – starting at a speed of 30 km/h (18.6 mph). If the camera detects other road users, the control unit switches off individual LEDs at lightning speed or dims them over 64 steps.

Progress from the top: 20 years of lighting innovations at Audi

1994: Second-generation xenon headlights in the Audi A8
2003: Audi adaptive light in the Audi A8
2004: LED daytime running lights in the Audi A8 W12
2008: All-LED headlights in the Audi R8, mercury-free xenon starting in the Audi A4
2010: Headlights networked with navigation data in the Audi A8
2011: visually homogeneous LED taillights in the Audi A6
2012: dynamic turn signals in the Audi R8
2013: All-LED headlights in the Audi A3 for the compact class
2013: Matrix LED headlights in the Audi A8
2014: Headlights with laser spot in Audi R8 LMX
2015: Audi A4 and Q7 with Matrix LED technology and road sign anti-glare function
2014: Presentation of Matrix laser technology in Audi prologue show car
2015: Presentation of Matrix Laser OLED technology in the study Audi e-tron quattro concept

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  1. Well this new car lights are extremely bright and I noticed they’re set to high which is also extremely distracting to other drivers on the opposite side on the road. And also I wonder if this extremely bright lights causes eye damages to drivers on the opposite side since the source of the lights is from laser.
    If you go to a club where you get exposed to this laser lights directly shooting to your eyes is by choice, Now with this cars caring this type of technology?; I guess now it’s still a choice we have to make to drive and risk to encounter a vehicle with this type of light on the road. It can also be very expensive to fix your eyes….

  2. Imagine driving that car in the night at the highway and in front there are 4 car in arow , all main light will completely gone

  3. If those lights are so amazing why are they using CGI? Show us the Results in Real Life Situations. Like multiple oncoming two lane traffic…. I bet the computer would go nuts.


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