Inspiration for Design

“My design is about the freedom we’ve earned as boomers. It’s based on the big country, the glorious outdoors, mountains, pine forests, the soothing sound of rushing water and my personal love of flyfishing. Let’s all be aware of the risks of CVD. We can prevent it, isn’t it about time we enjoyed our years in the comfort of good health? I for one want to continue to find those magical rainbow trout while watching my grand children become great citizens of this world.”


While Happy Days is history and the black leather jacket worn by The Fonz now hangs in the Smithsonian Institution, Henry Winkler remains one of America’s most recognizable pop culture icons. A spokesman and founding member of Boomer Coalition, he knows first-hand the dangers of untreated cardiovascular disease; his mother experienced a stroke when she was in her 70s, and last year his friend and fellow-actor, John Ritter, died of complications from CVD.



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