Cho'gath Top Lane Season (9/5/7) 10 vs. Teemo (4/9/8) {Victory} [Ranked Game #6]


Hi, my username is K0BR4S, and I’m obviously not the best Cho’gath or the best League of Legends player. I’m currently Bronze II and a main Cho’gath on NA servers. I recently started playing around last year, but I stopped playing the game in January. However, I recently started playing the game again due to the quarantine since I was stuck at home doing nothing. I hope to reach at least Gold Elo by the end of this year and maybe next year Diamond elo!

This is the Ranked Game series, this is when I played ranked either solo or duo with a friend.

The build that I am using when I play Cho’gath comes from the YouTuber BaLoRi! So don’t forget to check out their channel after watching my video.

Their YouTube channel:

Mobafire Build Guide:

Got any tips? Feel free to share some tips in the comments section! I’m always willing to try new tactics and improve at the game!

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