Dead Effect 2 Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary) 2015


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Dead Effect 2 is the newest addition to the acclaimed Dead Effect franchise. This action sci-fi shooter is looking to push the boundaries of first-person shooters to new levels with slick graphics, rich narrative and RPG elements.

Play the single-player missions at your own pace or engage your friends in the cooperative or PvP multiplayer mode. Train, develop your character, collect and upgrade countless weapons, gear and body implants and take control of the monster-infested ship.


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  1. Man this game is a shame this stupid producers think they should make a game really hard but thats no fair cause it simply not possible to get a controll of what we do its made to bad

  2. Ive just went to the toilet and i paused 1 minut ! After one minut it allready needs a restart this game so bad made its horroble grafik 10 handling 1- in european standards

  3. This game you are playing it's game
    1. The character they all have a very special skills Max skills damage is very powerful stun zombies slow time and USE A SENTRY GUN!!!
    2. U can use many guns and other things in one game
    3. Kay Guner Jane xandria is a great killing machine for this game

  4. 6:32:29 When class ring final goes off

    Edit: and I thought was funny when he started doing 6:32:32😂😂😂😂

  5. This game is cool, but replaying the 1st mission on Xbox makes me use the starter weapons instead of my own inventory weapons. I had actually brought a grenade launcher type weapon with me and it did not become available to use during the entire mission. Other than that, considering how low of a score this game got, it's actually quite fun!

  6. I watched this crap. Cant believe that the same fucking people who make "uch wow" with this shit were actually offending RAGE 2 and Wolfenstein Youngblood. Fucking animals….


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