Download and Install Matlab / Simulink R2019a without any error| 100% working


Download and Install Matlab / Simulink R2019a without any error | 100% working
In this video, I showed you how to download and install MatLab R2019a. Before starting download and installation remember few instructions:
1) Install WinRAR for extracting the MatLab file. Watch how to download and install WinRAR at
2) MatLab download link:
Alternatively, you can download MatLab R2018a from here,
3) MatLab setup size is almost 19GB, so you should have fast internet and disk space for downloading it.
4) Watch and follow my video completely for avoiding any installation issues
5) Turn your window defender/antivirus off before downloading and installation because it may block files
6) Do not change the installation directory or installation folder and keep it default. Change it only if you have disk space problems.
7) I increased video speed during installation and extracting files, so do not expect MatLab to install in just 8 minutes.
8) MatLab downloading and installation process will take at least 4-5 hours so you should have spare time for it.
9) Before downloading check the system requirements.
10) You can download and install MatLab R2018a,
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  1. everything is working fine. thanks.

    I see Arduino package is not installed by default, and when i to install it through ADD ON MANAGER, it is asking me to sign in. Is there any alternate to this?

  2. thanks, Mr.
    I didn't found license.lic , all files in crack folder as text.
    I found netap32.di in Win32. I took this file and copy and paste in the folder "Win64"
    Now, the MatLab app works
    You are incredible, thanks again

  3. Hello Sir..! I have downloaded MATLAB 2009 from the same website for Windows 32 bit. File Size was 4 GB But it does not contain Getintotopix Zip File…..Please Help….! I need the software for Project Work..!

    My System: Windows 7 , 32 bit Pentium Dual Core Processor with 2 GB RAM.

  4. Thank Sir, its working 100% all library had been downloaded once again thanks all.

  5. I have license error and there is no netapi32 file downloaded I what should I do
    ? kindly email me the netapi32.dll file to if you have it.

  6. i have to wait for 30 hrs to fully setup but dude I like it . I told everyone to follow your instructions and it really amazing.

  7. Licensing error; – 8,523
    I have followed all thr steps as you shown in this video, still I'm getting error 8523, please help me with it


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