Elon Musk takes a stand against local government by reopening Tesla


Musk pushes back against coronavirus restrictions, threatening to move Tesla out of California; chief correspondent Jonathan Hunt reports. #FoxNews

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  1. Several years ago someone said, "profanity is where evil finds it's ultimate expression". Thank you Mr. Musk for demonstrating what it truly means to have the character of a man of integrity.

  2. It makes perfect sense to move out of California, Tesla isn't one of those Quirky Silicon Valley startups anymore. They are a legit Auto manufacture.

  3. For a while now I honestly was unsure of who Elon Musk was as a person. Now, Elon Musk is a hero in my eyes. Thanks you Elon for standing up for us!

  4. Elon should move to Jacksonville Florida the politicians there will give him anything he wants. Florida does not care about human lives. Just look at the beaches. Elon will fit right in.

  5. I don’t see a problem with Elon Musk taking a stand by reopening Tesla, as long as he takes the fall if he’s wrong.

  6. Funny he would say “ He should’ve the only one arrested “ , Since his name is included in the indictments the court is filing 🤣😂

  7. Has ANYONE gotten and continues to get more free government money than him? Carbon credits? What a scam artist. At least 97% of CO2 is nature made and CO2 and Oxygen are simply the Yin and Yang of life on this planet. Please go to Mars as soon as possible.

  8. Gonzellas embarrassed herself,she showed her lack of maturity with that tweet.That is a comment an unruly child would make,not an adult.When dealing with big business,airing grievances on social media is not a wise move,especially when using bad language.She just created an enemy,one with the power to hurt her constituents,tax paying workers.
    As for Tesla moving to Texas and Nevada,Musk has shown he is capable of doing anything he needs to do,so now that the gloves are off,just watch him move that company and in quick order.Too bad the good people of California will pay for the foolishness of politicians.
    I wonder if the governor of California will last another term or will a recall take place?If more companies decide to leave California,I would lay good money it will be the latter.

  9. Leaked White House data shows infections spiking more than 1,000% in rural areas that backed Trump
    . Trump claims cases are falling everywhere. An unreleased task force report shows massive spikes in the heartland

  10. … nothing more needed to say …. business men will prosper while others die . This ill maggot magnet is a young trumpet , be careful , when usa so-called companies threaten their own state with removing factories you gotta wonder what did ' XI offer ….. truth …ask Australian intelligence your republicans are using you to raise their own economic businesses…. Why does aust know ? Cos Murdoch already owns aust media , but we still DO has real freedom of speech people please watch ABC AUST live stream ..,. It's 24 hours also truth from China is in the channel NTD …. fox is a Hollywood channel , truth and fact that's why us aussies don't let fox aka Murdoch rule all, we got rid of him when Abbot was removed. This is truth ppl. Fox is a Hollywood channel made to manipulate for share sakes on most media . Look deep into it you will see .

  11. Do your homework Fox that same council woman chased another business out of her county and is doing to Tesla! She is dangerous to jobs in her county and she hates green technology!

  12. good for musk! makes me want to buy a tesla. cali was a great state 40 50 years ago, its become a waste last of self important hippie / trendie/ yuppie scum.

  13. "Doesn't have the time?" Why not? Get set up in other states. Once building, machines and such go up and advertisements for work are out. Now time for some mass layoffs in California, or bring the good ones with ya who are willing. Your apologies then will be too little too late.


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