Firefox 50 Review 2016


Firefox 50 was released by Mozilla on November 15, 2016. This is the seventh and last major browser update for 2016. In this update, there was no major changes.

Some of the key changes included faster browser startup times. This was one of the main reasons, the release of Firefox 50 was delayed. Based on information released by Mozilla, startup performance improved by 35% on browsers without add-ons installed.

Another change was in the Reader Mode, a little known feature in Firefox. There is now a new keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+R, to load a page in Reader mode (for those web pages where Reader Mode is available).

Mozilla has also introduced a new preference in the General tab to cycle through tabs in recently-used order when using Ctrl-Tab. This preference is not enabled by default, and can be enabled by checking the box “CTRL+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order”.

There is a new addition in the Find in page functionality, in Firefox. This new option will now enable you to find only full word matches when searching for specific words. Playback video was improved for websites without plugins with WebM EME support for Widevine.

With Google Chrome taking over top spot as the browser of choice, Mozilla has been trying to make headway into keeping Firefox relevant in the web browser space. This year, Mozilla has been working on improving the stability, performance and security of the browser.

And earlier in 2016, the Firefox 48 rapid release update, they began the process of implementing the biggest ever project Mozilla has ever undertaken. The project is dubbed Electolysis (e10s) with a goal to improve Firefox responsiveness, stability and security. The e10s project will split up Firefox into multiple processes broken down into UI, Content, and Add-ons.

Mozilla will take a phased approach to this multi-process project in terms of implementation as well as rollout to Firefox users. Since implementing multi-process architecture, only a small percentage of Firefox users have e10s enabled. Hopefully, this slow, but solid implementation process will pay off in the long run.

There are other changes that have been implemented as well, including changes and improvements for Developers. You can check the Firefox Release Notes below for a detailed list of new features, changes and improvements.

In this Firefox Video Review, you can see the results of the Browsermark Benchmark tests that I ran on Firefox 50 as compared to Google Chrome 54. Overall, Google Chrome continues to outperform Firefox.

– For a full list of changes and improvements, you can check the Release Notes below:
– Firefox 50 Release Notes:
Firefox Download Page:

– Browser Benchmark Tests Performed Using Browsermark from Basemark:

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  1. They could do something that is actually useful and give an option to search all tabs, doing the same search over and over is tedious.

  2. Heard Quantum will improve the performance . Too bad we have to wait until the end of 2017.
    Great video as always.

  3. very nice video thanks for sharing, great editing very clear , great zoom in, thanks for listening to me.
    good luck to be big on youtube.


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