Firefox 51 Review 2017

Firefox 51 Review 2017

Firefox 51 was released by Mozilla on January 24, 2017. This is the first major browser update of 2017. Last year, Mozilla dedicated a lot of effort and resources to making Firefox great again by working on improving the stability, performance and security of the browser.

In Firefox 48, Mozilla started implementing the biggest ever project it has undertaken in the browser’s history. The project dubbed Electolysis or e10s aims to improve the responsiveness, stability and security of Firefox. The e10s project will split up Firefox into multiple processes broken down into user-interface, Content, and Add-ons.

Mozilla has taken a phased approach to this major project in terms of implementation as well as rollout to Firefox users. In Firefox 51, my multi-process was enabled by default and I saw a positive difference in the overall performance of the browser.

In FF51, Mozilla introduced support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) which enables users to play FLAC audio files directly within the browser without the need for plugins.

They also implemented a new warning signal, as s security measure for users who land on login pages that do not have secure connection. Users will now see a grey log with a red strike-through in the address bar.

Another significant development in Firefox 51 is the implementation of WebGL 2.0 which will make a huge difference when rendering 2D and 3D computer graphics without the for plugins.

You can check the Firefox Release Notes below for a detailed list of new features, changes and improvements. In this Firefox Video Review, you can see the results of the Browsermark Benchmark tests that I ran on Firefox 51 as compared to Google Chrome 56. Overall, Google Chrome continues to outperform Firefox, but I’m encouraged by the results of Firefox 51.

– For a full list of changes and improvements, you can check the Release Notes below:
– Firefox 51 Release Notes:
– Firefox Download Page:
– WebGL 2 Lands in Firefox:
– WebGL Report:

– Browser Benchmark Tests Performed Using Browsermark from Basemark:

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  1. why would the new version of FF make my fan run faster on my laptop ? thank you for your time.

  2. Great video as always .
    I read that starting Chrome 57 you won't be able to disable the built in PDF reader and the DRM plugin .

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