FREE ELO SEASON 10 CHO'GATH BUILD! LoL Meta Cho'Gath Season 10 Guide #22! Top ChoGath s10 Gameplay


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FREE ELO SEASON 10 CHO’GATH BUILD! LoL Meta Cho’Gath Season 10 Guide #22! How to rank up in Season 10 EASY! The strongest champion and BUILD of ALL!

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Full Magic Penetration #ChoGath vs #Xerath Build SoloQ Ranked LoL Meta new Season 10 Gameplay League Of Legends

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Full Magic Penetration Season 10 Runes Mobafire Guide:

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  1. Afraid of the DARK? Wise -> 19:38 You never know what MONSTER hides inside the darkness! The most powerful Cho'Gath build that exist in this world will give you the FREE ELO that you want 💙
    So guys dont forget to join our Awesome Discord Community here:

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  2. Hi Balori! Haven't seen your videos since I used to watch you spam AP cho'gath pre rework, triple doran rings, no voice commentary. Glad to see you're still doing your thing

  3. Whats that blue bullet that comes from behind you when you start the combo? Indint see the hability that sends that “flare” (or laser)

  4. I love your plays balori ur my fav league youtuber i main cho because of your videos i like ur tips continue the good work!!

  5. What do you think of the frost hextech item? It’s a decent slow to help land Q. Think it would be situational or just avoid?

  6. How do you feel about having Flash and Smite in playing top/mid than Flash and Ignite? Cause I usually play Cho'gath with smite so I can get the Chilling smite (which gives me a slow ability) and try to get a Cinderhulk or a Lunic Echo after the Protobelt (or if I already got the Luden's Echo I will just get Cinderhulk). And the late game I sell the Cinderhulk for a Warmog or something that can prioritize the late game better than a Cinderhulk.

    (Edit: Also I can get drags/baron with the smite just in case I don't have ult or just smite cannon minions if I feel in danger to instant activate the Nimbus Cloak?)

    Basically, I'm asking if I should get smite to get slow potential and a mini health add on to my passive (Cinderhulk) than a Ignite.

  7. Actually Xerath is one of the easiest champions to destroy… because he needs to stop his moves, the moment he casts his Q, that moment of cast, will be his last – BaLoRi 2020

    it even rhyme at the end ^^ 4:00

  8. I'm so amazed that you have ads before the video, this means that youre gaining money from your videos right?

    Did you main Cho because he looks a lot like Balor from DnD? I love your plays, all I need is patience and focus in order to master and be like a Cho player like you <3

  9. Why not Morello instead of Liandry's? Liandry's only gives max 2.5% Burn Damage even with Q but Morello gives even more Magic Pen AND Extra Health for Ult Scaling

  10. thes build is to much powerfull but…in elo hell like iron or bronze they wont trust you so i cant do something like swap or stay alone or let them go for baron and alote of things so can you make a video where your team mates do that?thx for free wins build btw

  11. I seriously can’t remember your last game with Cho in which the enemy team didn’t surrender XD. Well done as always!


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