How to Add Mathtype 6.9 Software in Office 2016

How to Add Mathtype 6.9 Software in Office 2016

I will show you the easiest method to work on MathType inbuilt in MS office 2016.
Requirements :
1. MS office 2016
2. MathType 6.9a

Easy and fast math typing.
Mathtype software:

MathType to LaTeX:

Mathtype 6.9b for both word and powerpoint 2016:

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    how to add moving pictures,emojis ,in powerpoint 2016.

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  36. I want reverse process.

    Convert word equations to Mathtype 7

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  38. can anybody tell me how to make the math type letter bold…please…

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  40. … esto funciona perfectamente para el office 2016, vean que copia el archivo que tiene en el nombre 2013… muchas gracias… perfecto 25/marzo/2019…

  41. If it does not work. "Check if your office is installed in x64 or in x86. This tutorial is for x64. If your office is installed in x86, just take the files in the "32" folder from MathType, instead of "64", and follow the video"
    From jean salazar, Thank you jean salazar!

  42. Great!!! Amazing!! Amazing! And the CTRL + ALT + Q shortcut still works to load the mathtype. Thanks! For insert use CTRL+F4.

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