How To Fix BruteForce "msvbvm50.dll" Missing

How To Fix BruteForce "msvbvm50.dll" Missing

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  1. Thank You, You help me much 🙂

  2. Thank you for help

  3. THX MEN

  4. thanks dude


  6. Thank you so much


  8. nGL, This didnt help at all, still got the ettor.

  9. Thanks

  10. Thanks

  11. Thanks

  12. Thanks

  13. Thanks so much thanks

  14. This worked 👍🏼👍🏼thanks

  15. My ps3 took a shit so I lost my borderlands 2 save. Definitely gonna try this and mod my file as close a as can. If this does actually work thank u sooo much. Really don't feel like grinding all over. Just hope I can get the cross saves to work cuz it hasn't yet.

  16. Thx bro you got a new sub

  17. AWESOME!!!

  18. I still get the error

  19. its D L L not DELL

  20. I can't get it to work but still thx

  21. thanks sir fixed my error

  22. Thanks dude

  23. Bruteforse save data it stopped working…

  24. ohhhh no. i hate that i'm actually gonna do this, if i get a virus from a dodgy dll, i blame you. if i dont, thanks i guess

  25. thank you bro finally i fix my error

  26. i fucking love you thankyou holy fuck subscribed

  27. yeah I have never had the problem before its weird but thanks bro helped me a lot!

  28. Thank You

  29. You arre the bbeeeeeesssst!Thanks to you.

  30. When im supposed to hit the open in or whatever I dont get the option. Please help me my friend is coming over and he wants me to mod his account thanks

  31. Wow, thank u bro!! You are the best! :))

  32. website link:

  33. thank you you are the best

  34. OMG finnaly a real youtuber

  35. My .dll file is in a windows file

  36. worked thanks

  37. Thanks!!

  38. it is still giving me the "msvbvm50.dll" Missing msg

  39. Thx you just gained a new sub 😀

  40. thank you dude

  41. Mine just said update windows microsoft word why?

  42. thx now i can hack

    plants vs zombies (did u thought it was roblox?)

  43. Thanks man! Earned another sub

  44. thanks bro i appreciate your vids keep up the good work

  45. i cant even download the app. it says that the msvbvm50.dll is missing even before i can download it

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