How to  install and activate  MATLAB 2017 in 5 Minutes | Updated tutorial 2019

How to install and activate MATLAB 2017 in 5 Minutes | Updated tutorial 2019

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In this video, I will show how to download and install MATLAB 2017a for free.
Installation instructions:

1. Run “setup.exe”
2. Select “Use a File Installation Key” and “Next”
3. Accept the terms
4. Select “I have the File Installation Key for my license:”
5. Use this File Installation Key:

6. Choose the installation folder and “Next”
7. Select the products you want to install
8. Click “Install”
9. After the installation finished, click “Next” and them “Finish”

After the installation:

10. Copy the dll file (-crack-libmwlmgrimpl.dll) to MATLABR2017abinwin64matlab_startup_pluginslmgrimpl
11. Copy the lic file (-crack-license_R2017a.lic) to MATLABR2017alicenses

Ps. 1: Overwrite the existing files in the steps 10 and 11
Ps. 2: Run the program from MATLABR2017abinmatlab.exe

download link1:

download link2:

Crack download link:
Thank you
happy coding 🙂

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  1. hey guyz please check i have uploaded an updated tutorial of cracking matlab 2017

    this may help you!

  2. doenst work, link 2 doesnt exist anymore

  3. hello, i've matlab version 2017a but i deleted a toolbox because it didn't work properly and now matlab forbids me to reinstall that toolbox (Your administrator has restricted your download access to this MathWorks product), what should I do since am i not a matlab administrator(license)?

  4. I could not fin MATLABR2017abinwin64matlab_startup_pluginslmgrimpl Afer win64 I could not find the folder to change the code

  5. the commands response is too slow how to fix this prb ?

  6. the trial_123 is always get creating whenever i activate
    wht to do?

  7. matlab nai open ho rha activation module run ho rha hai license file ka path dy r b nai ho rha run

  8. i need some help guys. im trying to open the lic with notepad and change the name 2013-2014 to 2020 and i cannot overwrite. the only thing i can do is save it as notpad in some other place so my matlab cannot open.

  9. It doesn't work

  10. 16/03/2020 still works, but you need to change in notepad every single 2018 for 2020 in the license file. Thanks a lot bro

  11. Hi
    I can arrive till win64 folder but then i cant find startup plugin MATLABR2017abinwin64matlab_startup_pluginslmgrimpl
    Can you help me?

  12. it doesn't work!

  13. i did all steps and when i finally run the program it asks for activation , what should i do ??

  14. if appears error finding installer class?

  15. it is not working
    it is asking to select licence file in activation.
    please help

  16. Today, 12/01/2019 I had to replace 2018 with 2020 without file license to make it work. When it replaces with 2019, or matlab continues using the activation key.

  17. after completing the processes described by your video, a prompt appears which says to provide the activation either through the internet or manually. Please help me here as quickly as possible because i have an exam in 2 days from now. TIA

  18. Mine didnt activate, did anybody had the same problem?

  19. I'm stuck at the "MathWorks Software Activation".. What is the Activation Key?

  20. didn't worked for me

  21. where to get the zip file of the matlab ? :((

  22. the file in mega link is no more available, all I got is the dll&lic file. Can you help me out pls

  23. I am not able to download the mega file it is telling me file is deleted. could you please help me out.

  24. I opened .lic file with notepad++ and there is no any 2018, which i should replace.. help me

  25. I think they deleted the file from the download link attached with the description, can you please give me another link? anyone?

  26. Hey! The link in mega is not working. Could you fix it? Thanksssss.

  27. download link of is not avaiable, can you update the new one?

  28. Please update the link to get the software as it seems no file in the link.

  29. Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot. Just replaced 2018 with 2020 of .lic file using sublime text.

  30. Whats password?

  31. Can you please assist, I have followed all the steps but when I run matlab.exe from bin, it only takes me to Activation Module… after the "activation is complete" it closes… How do I open the actual program?

  32. i followed the same procedure. There is no response when i open matlab at last. Is the problem with my laptop?

  33. Thanks a lot !!! It worked very well for me
    Mind to replace 2018 in lic file by 2020 or later.
    Expiration date of license is November 2019. If you do it now, you will have a message saying that license will expire in 24 days

    Thanks again

  34. it seems to be stuck in the activation step I put in the .lic and then press finish it says activation complete then when i want to open the matlab.exe it makes me do this step again it doesnt open the actual matlab window. any suggestion to how to fix this?

  35. anybody having trouble with downloading from mega ??

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