How To Make A Facebook Profile Video (with a seamless loop)


Facebook profile videos are probably Facebooks most under used feature but they are incredibly easy to create. This video shows step-by-step instructions on filming and editing your Facebook profile video so that you get a seamless loop.

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  1. Making these looping Facebook videos is so much fun! Who’s going to give it go? 👇Let me know below 👇

  2. OMG what edting software are you using? i need it pls cuz my olive edting crashed and i cant use it now

  3. Problem. Cool effect. I did it and applied and I can see it working on my page, however none of my posts show the clip. It just shows a static bullet of the blank wall. Any idea why this is happening? I edited it in 1080 x 1080 and also tried 720×720 in premiere pro. Exported and uploaded as mp4. It goes on FB no problem but will only show on my wall. None of my posts will show it (not mobile or desktop.) Thanks.

  4. Excellent tutorial and GREAT examples! Thanks! Does this work for personal AND business pages?

  5. You have great music in this video. Where did you get it from? Thanks for the looping ideas.

  6. Is it possible to do one of these with a Facebook page (such as a fan or business page) rather than a *personal profile*? If so, how?

  7. Hey, I'm trying to build short video driven professional network for Performing Artists. Can you share your comments on that?

  8. Facebook has literally the worst team for updates. I can't even upload a profile picture from my mobile phone nowadays and it can't show up on news feed.

  9. why my video gets pixelated? what fomat should i upload ? i tried FB 720P and FB 1080P H.264 they all get pixelated the source video is 1080P from ytb

  10. Great info. Thanks. For some reason, it's not moving on the page, only if you open it up.

  11. Does this also work with sound or is it only without sound?
    Does the video also start playing in the comment box, when I comment something?


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