How To Set Fake GPS Location in Android (Without Root) [Fake GPS] (2016)


Hey guys, wanna set fake GPS location in android for app developments and for fun? Here is the video for that. Root is not required for the process. We need an app called Fake GPS, link is down below. After downloading, change a couple of settings, locate to your desired place and start fake positioning. Now when you open google maps or any other apps, the location will be set to the newly mentioned point. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Download Links:
Fake GPS app:
Hide Mock Location Xposed module:

Other GPS Spoofing apps:
Road spoofing:

Original XDA thread:

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  1. Hello. I have Application when i change my location by activating Mock location it does not works. It says turn off mock lovation. What should i do?

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  3. brother when I activated the fake location my device Samsung J7 Pro just keeping showing the message that" device location may be mocked or spoofed make sure to turn off the mock location" I want that this message don't show .what should I do??


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