J.S. Bach: Complete Partitas


This album contains the complete Partitas by Bach, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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This recording of the complete 6 Partitas is a marvel of elegance, wit, rhetoric and brilliance, played on a modern Steinway.

“China’s premier interpreter of Bach”, is what International Piano Magazine called Yuan Sheng. A pupil of Solomon Mikowsky (Manhattan School of Music) and notably Rosalyn Tureck Yuan Sheng extensively studied the performance practice of Baroque music. Equally at home at the harpsichord he has an instinctive feeling for the possibilities, sonorities and touch of the instrument at hand, so that “the listener might easily have imagined the composer at the keyboard” (Boston Intelligencer). Besides pursuing an international career Yuan Sheng is Professor of Piano at the Bejing Central Conservatory of Music.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Artist: Yuan Sheng (piano)

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Partita No. 1 in B-Flat Major, BWV 825:
00:00:00 I. Praeludium
00:01:43 II. Allemande
00:05:37 III. Corrente
00:08:35 IV. Sarabande
00:14:10 V. Menuet I&II
00:17:20 VI. Giga

Partita No. 2 in C Minor, BWV 826:
00:19:22 I. Sinfonia
00:23:43 II. Allemande
00:28:20 III. Courante
00:30:42 IV. Sarabande
00:34:41 V. Rondeaux
00:36:07 VI. Capriccio

Partita No. 4 in D Major, BWV 828:
00:39:41 I. Ouverture
00:46:02 II. Allemande
00:55:09 III. Courante
00:58:49 IV. Sarabande
01:04:58 V. Aria
01:07:12 VI. Menuet
01:08:38 VII. Gigue

Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827:
01:12:13 I. Fantasia
01:14:22 II. Allemande
01:17:09 III. Corrente
01:20:34 IV. Sarabande
01:25:03 V. Burlesca
01:27:30 VI. Scherzo
01:28:40 VII. Gigue

Partita No. 5 in G Major, BWV 829:
01:31:56 I. Praeambulum
01:34:38 II. Allemande
01:38:56 III. Corrente
01:40:48 IV. Sarabande
01:45:57 V. Tempo di menuetta
01:47:52 VI. Passepied
01:49:37 VII. Gigue

Partita No. 6 in E Minor, BWV 830:
01:53:26 I. Toccata
02:00:26 II. Allemanda
02:03:32 III. Corrente
02:08:22 IV. Sarabande
02:15:16 V. Air
02:16:46 VI. Tempo di gavotte
02:18:57 VII. Gigue

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  1. Dear bronxboy47 I doubt very much you have the knowledge of bach that I do. My comment had nothing to do with bach but rather the incredible amount of advertising disruptions which I found so disturbing that I could not continue to listen and enjoy this wonderful album. I may or may not purchase the CD as yo uh recommended however last I heard, in this country I still have a right to my opinion.

  2. if you can play keyboard pieces by bach then you can do anything

    bach is the ultimate study material for a musician to be a musician

  3. mmh Bach geleitet mich regelmäßig in einen besonders tiefen Schlaf… und dann der Moment in dem ich kurz vor dem wegnicken bin und mir denke "wow Jo du alter Fuchs, clever wie du das gemacht hast" Das ist der Bus der in den Himmel fährt. Alles einsteigen!!!!!

  4. Je suis touché, c'est un pianiste qui joue comme personne d'autre, particulièrement quand il s'agit la musique de Bach. Pour cette musique, personne ne peut jouer comme cet homme. Ses interprétations sont incroyables, et d'un autre monde. Vous pouvez voir son intelligence et sa créativité.

  5. Una joya de la historia de arte. Una música con una fuerza impresionante, ambiciosa sin parecerlo. Una brisa melancólica que agita tu conciencia y te acerca a Dios.

  6. A revelation! I know these pieces inside-out – at least, I thought I did. Totally lacking in pretentiousness; totally committed to the music. I loved every minute.

  7. These partitas are so harmonious and melodious. From flowing allemandes, to swinging courantes to deep sarabandes.

  8. Bella collezione. ben scelta. In tempo di covid19 aiuta a lavorare e a pensare alla sublimità di questa musica

  9. Ehrlich gesagt, ich verstehe nicht, weshalb manche solche Musik als "mag ich nicht" markieren. Wer sie nicht mag, soll doch sonstwas hören.

  10. I was keen to compare this recording with my harpsichord version and I have to say I do prefer the harpsichord, whereas for the French + English Suites piano is best … maybe it's what you get used to but certainly these feel more stile antico, and maybe why the harpsichord sounds right


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