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  1. I remember watching this 6years ago with my older sister…

  2. 2020 I’m watching this again just to feel a bit of happiness

  3. 2020? I miss this:)

  4. i'm here 6 years later… i remember watching this when i was 8/9 and being sooo obsessed with these boys – time has just flown by and it makes me so sad aww

  5. quarantine got me so fucked up im going back to shit i used to watch when i was 12

  6. Back when days were simple

  7. 2020?

  8. 2020 anyone CoRaViRuS

  9. 2020 ? Feel old omg

  10. So Nash is now a dad and Shawn is a superstar

  11. Anyone watching in 2020?

  12. Cameron was so weird Hahahah

  13. 2020 GANG HERE

  14. 5:08 That Laugh Tho

  15. idk why i’m here in 2020 but.. i miss them 🥺

  16. this still makes me cry 🙁

  17. 2020?

  18. I'm rewatching their videos while being in selfisolation

  19. I would be camron and Nash would be one of my sisters and mat as my other if we got along

  20. they look smacked LMAOOO

  21. Mfs went down to misery

  22. Who’s here while stuck in quarantine cuz of the manky coronavirus

  23. as cringey as it was, i fucking miss this time

  24. fucking quarentine look where i finish

  25. i rmbr being addicted to watching u oml

  26. Imagine one day they have a reunion, 12 year old me would be dying 🙌🏼

  27. vegan nash is shaking his head

  28. man i miss this

  29. 6 years later and I’m still watching them and they’re all broken up.

  30. hello it's 2020 and i am here AGAIN.

  31. who's here during quarantine in 2020?

  32. 2020 anyone ?

  33. this video was all over the place nGL😂❤️ anyone else here in 2020?

  34. 2020 anyone?

  35. Looking back now I realize the only reason these videos were existing is bc these mf were high asf!!

  36. quarantine days

  37. When Taylor, carter and Aaron walked in 😂😂😂💀I lost it with their reactions

  38. i miss the old magcon, watching these videos when im down always cheers me up instantly aww

  39. omg what am i doing here, it's 2020 and I'm nostalgic

  40. Damn I just came back here cos I miss magcon the o2L boys and just wanted to reminisce on the old days….

  41. magcon vine and old video marathon 🥰🥺

  42. Whose watching this is 2020 😪 missin the good ole days

  43. still crying abt this in 2020

  44. I miss you guys 🥺🥺

  45. They grew up…

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