OVERKILL'S THE WALKING DEAD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – No Commentary (Overkill TWD)

OVERKILL'S THE WALKING DEAD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – No Commentary (Overkill TWD)

OVERKILL’S THE WALKING DEAD Walkthrough Part 1 This is a OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough that covers Overkill’s The Walking Dead All Main Missions, Episodes, Cutscenes, and Boss Fights up to the Ending.


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  1. not even 1 person talks about this

  2. Dying light is 100% better

  3. This game could've been great, it's just missions and is just like every other 4 man survival game

  4. Litterally the trailers look badass this game looks so retarded

  5. Am I the only one noticing this is acting too much like a Left 4 Dead ripoff?

  6. Looks cool. I might get it honestly

  7. If you don’t care that it sucks and you just want to play it anyway, I guess. Just wait for sale if your trying.

  8. If I wanted to play a Zombie defense shooter game I would’ve just opened up G-mod and hop in a zombie defense server

  9. Thank god I did not buy this trash

  10. This game has so much potential if they made an open world zombie survival where you can build to defend bases, make camps, make groups, and scavenge. Just imagine getting into a war with another camp like season 3 of the walking dead, I would play that all day long

  11. wut

  12. When your game budget goes to the trailers

  13. Broo…

  14. Ngl the cinematics look pretty damn good

  15. What is this call of duty
    Zombies but without the zombies

  16. #GamingWithKev

  17. Better play twd survival instict

  18. I love daysgone
    im playing it

  19. I'll buy this when it goes down to 10 bucks or less. Maybe 7.99 would be a good deal

  20. reminds me of dead island riptide

  21. This game looks like a frickin arcade game…

  22. The walking dead , from a 10/10 game to a 2/10 game for trying to become something that is not instead of just improving what they had already

  23. This looks way worse than survival instinct

  24. yikes!!! if I wanted to play some shit like this id just play cod zombies wtf 😂

  25. lol i’d rather play dead island

  26. Looks like a nice little mobile game…

  27. This is a knock off Dying Light lol

  28. Ok I just had to see It for myself this game is sht

  29. You just saved a lot of peoples money

  30. My mom said i cam watch 1 more vid and i goto sleep why not i watched this

  31. I saw the trailer and thought the game would be great, but this game looks so boring! thanks you saved my life.

  32. the wrost game ever

  33. Twd Survival Instinct vibes

  34. Guys rly , why so bad gaame play, story is god like , trailers as well but why this gameplay . Look so bad , so bad

  35. generic, try thinking outside the box

  36. I was reading the comments and was wondering why people didn't like the game because based on the trailer it looked decent/good. But when I saw gameplay I was kinda disappointed, I expected a good 3rd person game, kinda like the last of us or a game that at least affects the future based on your choices

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