PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) @ Seoul Plaza Live Concert

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) @ Seoul Plaza Live Concert

PSY’s Seoul Plaza Live Concert on October 4, 2012
2012년 10월 4일, 싸이의 서울시청 서울광장 콘서트

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  1. He's literally the definition of live performance.

    Such a legend .

  2. Like 😂😁

  3. I bet people in their house are enjoying it bc they didn't have to pay


  4. Who came after having bad day.

  5. I wanna be there 🥺

  6. 이형은 저렇게 뛰는데 살이 안빠지시네

  7. I was 8 years old when I was there with my parents in that concert. I can't understood the song but I dance😙(๑♡⌓♡๑) because it's so funny 😂And Now I understood why it's so good

  8. I love the crowds energy!!!

  9. Fan đông dữ trời

  10. 1:26 best business trip ever

  11. Cade os BR

  12. That has to be the littest crowd ever

  13. Ест. Русские

  14. Corona style

  15. This is pure positive energy. Love it

  16. هايل

  17. G20 sumit the leaders should dance
    Trump: i dont know
    Putin: i dont know
    Modi: dont know
    Xiping:dont knos
    Kimjonun: 3:19

  18. Super

  19. Please don't forget this legend😯

  20. No e e ios

  21. Psy icone…o pilar do kpop,so soube que existia quando ele lancou essa musica….amo❤🇧🇷

  22. Die haben sich noch mal in den Briefkasten gesetzt und haben das nicht so viel zu machen ich bin gerade auf dem Sofa ich hab

  23. How to city

  24. Hino

  25. o primeiro k-pop a gente nunca esquece! kkkkk

  26. I don’t even speak Korean yet I can still say the lyrics almost perfectly

  27. 金正恩の本業

  28. Este concierto tiene 7 años ya, LOL

  29. saudades

  30. Holy shit that crowd

  31. Oppagannastlyle psy el mejor soy santiago mejía

  32. I am half Cambodian

  33. I am half Asian

  34. WOW…Just look at the crowd.. this song and this concert performance gives goosebumps..

  35. when k-pop was good

  36. this is fantastic

  37. Not even a single device in the crowd just pure embrace .respect 100%.

  38. I wonder how many people where there

  39. Imagine if u were there in the concert

  40. 1:25 Pierre Woodman spotted

  41. 腹踊り

  42. Dann on Off mit Münchhauser Rackete

  43. هل يوجد عرب 😂

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