Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $10

Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $10

Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Best Deals Under $10
Games Mentioned Below
00:23 – Dead By Daylight
01:02 – Alien: Isolation
01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition
01:35 – Dark Souls II : Scholar Of The First Sin
02:02 – SteamWorld Dig 2
02:23 – The Talos Principle
02:51 – Tacoma
03:08 – Darksiders Franchise Pack
03:39 – Bioshock Infinite
04:32 – Soma
04:49 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition

Other Great Deals elsewhere right now:

⭐Humble Day Of The Devs 2018 Bundle:

⭐⭐ Humble WB Games Classics Bundle -( Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY and Arkham Origins for $1!!)

⭐Humble Monthly Bundle November:

(Hitman Complete First Season, Hollow Knight, 7 Days to Die & More)

⭐Fanatical Origins Bundle (12 games for $4.99)

⭐The above links are my partner links with Humble and Fanatical meaning I will get a cut from any sales as well.⭐

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  1. Games Mentioned Below
    00:23 – Dead By Daylight.
    01:02 – Alien: Isolation.
    01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.
    01:35 – Dark Souls II : Scholar Of The First Sin.
    02:02 – SteamWorld Dig 2.
    02:23 – The Talos Principle.
    02:51 – Tacoma.
    03:08 – Darksiders Franchise Pack.
    03:39 – Bioshock Infinite.
    04:32 – Soma.
    04:49 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition.

  2. People looking for a decent co-op game might wanna pick up "Earthfall"
    Usual price: 27,99€

    And now on sale: 8,39€

    Well unless you got it for free on as I did thnx to LBG's video about chrono 😀

  3. For anyone looking into castlevania, gmg has it on a triple bundle on castlevania games for $3.

  4. I have steamworld dig 2 in my wishlist. So far I have purchased- Alien isolation , Alan Wake Collection and Condemned The Killer.

  5. Gaben:Buy Some Games Look at The Price Me:Oh My God I Need To Add This Games Into My Collection Gaben You Can Count On Me Gaben:Maybe Half Life 3 Comes Then Soon Me:Can You Count 3? Gaben:No Way You Found My Weak Spot Shut Up And Buy Some Games Thanks For The Support

  6. You should check out Throne of Lies too!

  7. Gift me dead by daylight please

  8. Manual Samual £2.39 on steam

  9. Was Soma ever free?

  10. Hello did you know when pubg project thai realise and if it will be globally

  11. Picked up left 4 dead (first one) and mortal kombat XL. This is a great sale! Better than last year's.

  12. do you think black friday/autumn sale would be much more cheaper ? basing on previous years sales

  13. You are from India?

  14. Is just cause 3 worth it?

  15. I highly recommend Dead by Daylight, it's a great game!
    Also you should tell if a game is single player or multiplayer in the videos
    I had to check each game one by one in your previous videos 🙃

  16. Gotta love the holidays. Thanks for this, now all I need is the money to actually BUY them. ;-;

  17. These days i buy from steamtrades or trade bundled games unless it's a great offer.
    Though I picked Darksiders Warmastered from Steam today

  18. Yesssss I was in the stream when you were making the list

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