Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Games Under $10


Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – Best Deals Under $10
Games Mentioned Below
00:23 – Dead By Daylight
01:02 – Alien: Isolation
01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition
01:35 – Dark Souls II : Scholar Of The First Sin
02:02 – SteamWorld Dig 2
02:23 – The Talos Principle
02:51 – Tacoma
03:08 – Darksiders Franchise Pack
03:39 – Bioshock Infinite
04:32 – Soma
04:49 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition

Other Great Deals elsewhere right now:

⭐Humble Day Of The Devs 2018 Bundle:

⭐⭐ Humble WB Games Classics Bundle -( Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY and Arkham Origins for $1!!)

⭐Humble Monthly Bundle November:

(Hitman Complete First Season, Hollow Knight, 7 Days to Die & More)

⭐Fanatical Origins Bundle (12 games for $4.99)

⭐The above links are my partner links with Humble and Fanatical meaning I will get a cut from any sales as well.⭐

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  1. Games Mentioned Below
    00:23 – Dead By Daylight.
    01:02 – Alien: Isolation.
    01:16 – Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.
    01:35 – Dark Souls II : Scholar Of The First Sin.
    02:02 – SteamWorld Dig 2.
    02:23 – The Talos Principle.
    02:51 – Tacoma.
    03:08 – Darksiders Franchise Pack.
    03:39 – Bioshock Infinite.
    04:32 – Soma.
    04:49 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition.

  2. People looking for a decent co-op game might wanna pick up "Earthfall"
    Usual price: 27,99€

    And now on sale: 8,39€

    Well unless you got it for free on as I did thnx to LBG's video about chrono 😀

  3. I have steamworld dig 2 in my wishlist. So far I have purchased- Alien isolation , Alan Wake Collection and Condemned The Killer.

  4. Gaben:Buy Some Games Look at The Price Me:Oh My God I Need To Add This Games Into My Collection Gaben You Can Count On Me Gaben:Maybe Half Life 3 Comes Then Soon Me:Can You Count 3? Gaben:No Way You Found My Weak Spot Shut Up And Buy Some Games Thanks For The Support

  5. I highly recommend Dead by Daylight, it's a great game!
    Also you should tell if a game is single player or multiplayer in the videos
    I had to check each game one by one in your previous videos 🙃

  6. These days i buy from steamtrades or trade bundled games unless it's a great offer.
    Though I picked Darksiders Warmastered from Steam today


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