Walking Dead SAINTS & SINNERS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME No Commentary


Walking Dead SAINTS & SINNERS Walkthrough that covers the Full Game of that will include All Main Story Missions, All Cutscenes/Cinematics and All Boss Fights recorded with No Commentary streamed on PC.

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  1. I cnt believe i waisted 6 hrs just to see Casey die after u just save him ridiculous selfish on the main character guy that was more a lose lose on Casey and May at least May is with her daughter but killing off Casey made the game suck

  2. This is so much more funny than someone making jokes

    shoots bow
    bow dies
    waits an extra minute
    looks where the bow went
    perfect improv right there
    i reckon it's cus you have to fill the commentary in for yourself

  3. Disclaimer! This guy doesn’t use any of the good guns he finds or anything he only uses his shanks and hardly ever uses his pistol if I woulda knew that I wouldn’t of watched this guy doesn’t use any of the cool weapons at all he plays this game boring I have ever seen anyone play if your fine with that go ahead and watch but it’s somthing you should know before watching, he doesn’t even use good knifes or melee weapons he uses the same shank over and over and over out of 6 hours of playing this game id say he shot about 20 bullets out of his pistol and I know for a fact he only shot like 3 shot gun bullets and he doesn’t even touch the ar or the hunting rifle

  4. Why tf would you kill the guy you have been wanting to save the whole game atleast listen to the dialog before the bell like wtf

  5. I just seen a man keep a candy bar that doesn’t do anything else but hurt his health and stamina and a expired can of tuna that does the thing and throw away a gun and keep the broken one

  6. I feel like VR games are best without commentary because watching someone explore the fantasy and horror filled terrains while also realizing they have hands like a baby is the best things to see.

  7. man this guy stinks at killing zombie. why doesn't he use his other hand to hold the zombies head then stab it.

  8. lol i find bad ice cream 3 game kind of scary but it is fun to play with someone XD. It's my favorite game at hudgames

  9. Whomever this is playing this game is absolutely the best! I've never laughed so hard at VR gaming. They climbed up the building looked in the window and bang! No questions asked.🤭


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