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Boomer Coalition

About Boomer Coalition:

The Boomer Coalition is a catalyst for action. It is a passionate and outspoken standard-bearer for a cause that should be on the minds of every American but isn’t. Part activist and part educator, the coalition aims to stem the tide of unnecessary deaths that result from undiagnosed and untreated CVD by creating events that inspire and empower baby boomers to take responsibility for their heart health.

The Boomer Coalition is an initiative created by boomers for boomers, founded by the American Heart Association and Pfizer Inc, with the support of the American College of Cardiology, Living Heart Foundation, America Online (AOL), Ticketmaster, celebrities, doctors and estates.

Some well-known founding members include Henry Winkler, Lynda Carter, Gary Burden, while leaders in the medical field who are members of the Boomer Coalition include Dr. Lori Mosca (Columbia University), Dr. Steven Nissen (of The Cleveland Clinic and Incoming Vice President of the American College of Cardiology), Dr. Richard Nesto (Lahey Clinic) and Dr. Clyde Yancy (American Heart Association).

The information is from archive.org.



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